Rolling Need to Pay Attention to The Conservation

Because universal joint cross shaft needle bearing lubrication nipple is an ordinary butter mouth, because butter viscosity, when the grease gun from the nozzle to the universal joint cross shaft needle bearing cavity filling of butter, the butter into the narrow cavity resistance is increased when oil ducts, butter pressure rise across the top open choke valve and overflow. This phenomenon can easily be mistaken for butter fill the causes.

In fact, did not even enter the needle between butter in removing maintenance, use coercive methods smear the butter on the surface of the needle and the journal may be able to play some lubrication, so the selection would be better gear oil lubrication points this is because:

● calcium base grease is a mixture of oil and calcium soaps, and in use due to deterioration and evaporation of the oil, the grease into a hard calcium soap, calcium soap lubricant only can not play its role, but also hinder the needle on the journal roll, coupled with universal joint cross shaft and no drain measures, a qualitative change neither grease discharge, and very difficult to inject new oil, which greatly accelerated the universal joint cross shaft needle bearing wear.

● universal joint cross shaft needle bearing in the work place can only be rotated, not along the rotation of the journal steel bowl and the cross, and calcium-based grease for rolling resistance is poor, so when film is damaged, not immediately after the formation of new oil film.

● universal joint to withstand great at work and alternating torque load, and calcium-based grease tenacity film is poor, and the journal bearing friction surface is hard to form a good film.