Since it first supplied ball bearings to the Japanese market in 1916, NSK has broadened its range and contributed to all different fields of industry. In particular, the company focused on and moved into the automotive products arena at an early stage. Placing an emphasis on performance and product quality, the company's business developed in tandem with the automobile industry.

Even now NSK is without rivals, supporting automobiles in their three crucial functions: “Running, Turning and Stopping”, thanks to its broad product range.

NSK automotive products are now a globally respected brand. Naturally the company supplies a wide variety of bearings, as well as automatic transmission parts and steering column, joints. Further, it also makes the electric power steering system (EPS), which is ready for the 21st century steer-by-wire technology.

NSK is always upgrading its Motion & Control technologies based on developments in the company's proprietary tribology technologies (relating to friction, wear and lubrication) and mechatronics technologies that have been built up as a result of the company's rolling bearings business. In this way NSK is able to quickly respond to the needs of its customers around the world.

Various NSK products that are incorporated into automobiles have functionality and performance characteristics that control friction and reduce energy loss. We can say that they themselves are environmentally friendly products that contribute to reduced energy and resource requirements.

Through its new technology, NSK will continue to supply automotive products that are kind to the global environment and that add to vehicle safety and comfort.

NSK Experience & Technology


Over 100 bearings are used in a single vehicle, and NSK ensures that its bearings offer safety and comfort, and are environmentally responsible.

NSK hub unit bearings are compact, lightweight, highly durable and of very high quality. Engine-related parts and bearings need to accommodate evolving engine designs, and NSK supplies water pump bearings and bearings for tensioners that make full use of advanced technologies. There are a wide variety of transmission bearings that are smooth and offer low power loss, facilitating smooth gear shifting. In particular, the “Half Toroidal CVT POWERTOROS Unit” is extremely smooth because it is a continuous gear ratio transmission, with supremely quiet gear changes. It consumes less energy and its high efficiency contributes to lower CO2 emissions. Based on a crystallization of NSK's advanced technology in tribology, the POWERTOROS Unit can be said to be the dream CVT unit.

NSK also offers a broad range of other attractive products.


NSK is a leading global supplier of automotive bearing components. It is our mission at NSK to supply products that meet global standards of excellence and to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our products represent the highest standard of original equipment quality.
NSK provides automotive aftermarket products throughout North America, striving for superior customer and partner satisfaction.